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May 19 2011


PowerGUIOne of the best tools I have found out there for easily manipulating Powershell queries would have to be PowerGUI (http://www.powergui.org/index.jspa). This somewhat intuitive application is great for viewing and manipulating content in a few key applications.

The one source that I find it extremely helpful is with Active Directory. Although,  the way it searched AD is a little slow (corrected with AD 2008) it is extemely useful.

Combined with an LDAP Browser (http://www.ldapadministrator.com/) and ADModify.NET (http://admodify.codeplex.com/) you can make some quick changes to AD to fulfil changes to users, computer and any other AD objects extremely quickly.

I recently had to perform a large migration from quite a messy AD hierarchy. This tool along with the other mentioned above, saved me quite a bit of time in the moving of objects and renaming certain fields.

I am sure that there is tools out there to make the whole process a lot quicker, but from what I can see this combination were the only free tools out there to get the job done quickly.

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