May 18 2012

Finding CPU / Memory Maximum

I have been asked many times to try and work out the maximum performance of a VM from a CPU & Memory perspective for a number of reasons. I sat down and started plugin my way through to GUI to find the relevant information and then find out how to get the same from PowerGUI.

The below script is what I came up with which displays results as shown in the output below:

The script returns the Clusters and the VM’s in each Cluster and then outputs the relevant details; returning values for every 120 mins (2 hours) which is the default period for data saved for 1 month period (specified in script).

The output for one VM is shown below, which is the same info as we can see in the results taken from Virtual Center for the same VM.

Cluster VSI Cluster 01
VM VMName01
CPUCount 2
CPUUsage 91.88%
MEMSize 4096
MEMUsage 24.55%

CPU Usage


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